Moxytronix was born out of the chaos of creativity and the desire to see imagined inventions transported off the page. At its core, Moxytronix is a closely knit community of individuals whose skills and contributions allowed them to turn an idea into a company. Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Moxytronix develops stylish and practical technology solutions with an emphasis on eliminating the daily inconveniences and frustrations that are often taken for granted. More information on their latest commercial success, the CordCruncher Cord Management System, can be found at www.cordcruncher.com.

Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson
After receiving his BA in communications from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas, Jay founded Grant Lee Bradley, a California and Nevada based tax consultation firm that focuses on ad valorem tax representation specific to biotechnology, nanotechnology, and the semiconductor industries.
In 2012, Jay turned his interests in science into application and launched his second enterprise, Moxytronix, a technology company focused on pursuing practical innovations that remove the tethers and encumbrances that plague the consumer electronics field.
Moxytronix began its journey as a project on Kickstarter, an internet crowd funding platform. After greatly exceeding its initial funding goals, Moxytronix launched its first retail product: CordCruncher Headphones. Since then, the company has licensed its intellectual property to a number of consumer electronics retailers, which will see Jay's inventions become available to consumers worldwide. Jay currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he continues to manage both his tax consultation firm and his budding tech start up.

Russ Johnson
Russ Johnson
Following his BA in Economics from the University of Texas, San Antonio, Russ founded Boxo LLC, a premier IBM business partner focusing on IBM UNIX server sales and associated storage architecture solutions. During his time at Boxo, Russ generated over $175 million in sales. At Moxytronix, Russ is responsible for worldwide sales, licensing, and distribution. His clients include iHome, Urban Outfitters, and Wentronic.